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An introduction to Git

Published: September 30, 2013

I created an introduction to Git presentation to help students in the operating systems course for which I am a teaching assistant at my university. Check it out.

Feel free to check out my Github repository for these slides. I highly appreciate any feedback. If you can, file an issue or make a pull request on my repo; otherwise, you can just send me an email or a tweet.

While Git comes as second-nature to some of us, there are many of us who either have managed to evade version control or find Git to be confusing. My goal for this presentation was to start students off the right way in a span of about one hour by going through the basic workflow (status -> add -> status -> commit -> … -> push), some very useful tips (e.g. resolving merge conflicts, avoiding bad practices like git commit -am), and leaving off with some links to additional readings and topics.


Feel free to re-use my slides for your own purposes. All I humbly ask is that if you use them, please credit me for my work and, more importantly, send me any improvements you make.

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